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Jrock fanboys

Guys only! Sorry!!

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When finished, this comm will be soley for Jrock fanBOYs. The general purpose of the comm (surrounding Jrock) is still to be decided, but the main element is that this community is guys only. Why? Because there are billions of other mixed gender/sex communities, and besides - noone REALLY knows how many fanBOYs there are, there seem to be so few of them - so hopefully we'll all collect on this community and then we'll be able to see how many of us there really are!! ^^;;

This is NOT an anti-fanGIRL community, it is not a sexist community - the main element of guys only is purely for collection of statistical data regarding Jrock obsessed males. No offence to any non-males who may be viewing this! Peace out... and such... yeah. =)


This comm is CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION - please do not attempt to join yet becuase you'll probably have a long wait until it's underway 8D